The following are a few links to various media (newest first)

2022: Various quotes from and references to me in Bruce Daisley’s excellent new book Fortitude

2022: Appearance on Dan Abraham’s The Sport Psych Show podcast: #197 Prof Tim Rees – The Difference Between Super-Elite and Elite Athletes

2022: Developing Athletic Talent is a Bournemouth University web page devoted to my work on talent development and the Great British Medalists Project. There is an accompanying Soundcloud podcast

2022: BBC World Service Sportshour “Nature vs Nurture: Is sporting success down to your DNA, how hard you train or something else?”

2021: England players suffer from stereotype they can’t win penalty shootouts, research suggests. The Conversation.

2021: The Express 11th July 2021. England vs Italy: Negative stereotypes can affect England’s performance, researchers warn. LinkBased on Rees & Salvatore 2021 article.

2020: What Can We Learn from How the Best Sporting Talent is Developed? From Prof Dan Cable (of London Business School) and Akin Omobitan’s “Squeezing the Orange podcast” LINK

2020: The BBC “Why suffering setbacks could make you more successful”

2019: Bold Productions used me as a brief talking head in their short documentary on the retired boxer David Haye. This was part of the Betfair Serial Winners series – LINK

2017: Busting three myths around elite sports performance. The Conversation.

2016: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation “Early sport specialization doesn’t always lead to success”

2015: Psychology Today “The Rise and Rapid Reduction of ‘Rowdy’ Ronda Rousey”

2013: US National Public Radio’s “Only a Game” “Darts Study Proves The Power of Rivalries”

2013: The Daily Mail 21st February 2013. Jeering at footballers encourages them to play better… but criticism from teammates makes their performance worse. LinkBased on Rees et al. (2013).

2011: BBC R4’s “All in the Mind” “How to bounce back from defeat”