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This is a link to a Soundcloud podcast produced by Bournemouth University. The University has also created a corresponding web page for Developing Athletic Talent

In it, I’m asked about my REF 2021 Impact Case Study, which entailed research into talent development and what has been termed the Great British Medalists Project. This relates to other posts about “10 Things You Absolutely Must Know About Developing (Sporting) Talent” and “Busting three myths around elite sports performance”, as well as a BBC Sporthour interview on “Is sporting success down to your DNA, how hard you train or something else?”

The University also has a page devoted to impact at the University, of which my work features as the second example.

The following is what is written on that University page:

Developing athletic talent

The identification and development of talent is central to elite sport. Professor Tim Rees’ research has explored what underpins world-class sporting talent and the difference between serial medalling, ‘super-elite’ athletes who have won multiple gold medals at Olympic Games or World Championships and elite athletes who have competed but not won.

The findings are being used by various sporting bodies, including UK Sport, to identify, develop and support athletic talent across sports including cricket, rugby and tennis.

“Performance Directors, National Coaches and sports scientists working for more than 40 National Governing Bodies of Sport and the four home country institutes of sport have consistently used the results and conclusions from this research to inform the design and continuous improvement of the ways in which talent is defined, profiled, evaluated and understood.” Simon Timson, Director of Performance for City Football Group and former Director of Performance for UK Sport

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